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Why Become a Teacher?

Here's a few reasons to consider.

Median Salary

The median salary for an educator with a Master's of Education is $50,951 according to

Get Paid More

Why not do the same job for more pay? The national average for a teacher with a MEd is $7,500 more than having just a Bachelor's. 

State Requirements

Currently, there are 33 states (plus Washing DC) that require all teachers to have earned a Master's in Education or Master's in Teaching degree.

Lots of Options

Find your own specialty among 25 different education degree program specializations for you to choose from.

Find Meaning

Teachers from across all spectrums have a very high job satisfaction rate, ranging from 85% to 96% depending on their specific area.


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What Degrees Do You Need to Work in the Field of Curriculum Development?

SPECIALIZATIONS If you have the heart to improve our schools and student learning by becoming knowledgeable and skilled in curriculum and instruction, there are multiple paths to take to get to a career. Curriculum development is a broad category. The activity of assessing, measuring, evaluating, implementing, adapting, and analyzing curriculum takes form in many jobs …

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What is the difference between the MAT, MS in Education, and MEd?

SPECIALIZATIONS When entering into the world of education-speak it can feel like another universe.  NEA, OEA, IEP, SPED, MAT, ABA, IDEA, LD, NCLB, and the list goes on.  Let’s start with a MAT.   A Master of Arts in Teaching is a teaching degree that leads to licensure designed for students without an undergraduate teaching degree but …

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What Do Elementary School Teachers Do?

Your Main Heading There is no doubt that teaching is an art form.  There is not a prescribed list of tasks to complete every day to make up the daily life of an elementary school teacher.  The fact that teachers are dealing with individuals, each with their unique personalities, backgrounds, needs, and learning styles makes …

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How Much Do Elementary Teachers Get Paid?

Your Main Heading If you’re in it for the money, teaching is the wrong profession. However, you certainly will be taken care of with a respectable salary. There is much debate about teacher pay, those that believe teachers are paid too little and those who think that teachers are overpaid. According to this article in …

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What Can I Do with a MAT in Elementary Education Degree?

Your Main Heading With a MAT in Elementary Education in hand, you will be prepared to teach in public school as an expert who is confident and can respond to any and every demand. You will be able to walk in on day one with a plan of action, the ability to manage as many …

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What is a MAT in Elementary Education?

Your Main Heading In general, a Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is an educational degree for those with an undergraduate degree seeking to earn a teaching license. There are also MATs designed for teaching professionals who need continuing education credits or who wish to advance in their particular field. Additionally, there are MATs for …

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