Congrats on choosing to pursue a master’s degree in education! Whether you’re a teacher looking to deepen your knowledge in the field or a future educator looking for training in one of the most satisfying careers out there, we’ve got a specialized ranking for you.

Deciding to do a master’s is really only the first step. Now, you need to decide what precisely you’re interested in. Education degrees, of course, aren’t just for teachers. Principals and other educational staff can benefit immensely - and sometimes require—master’s degrees. The availability of all these options is the reason for all of our rankings.

What kind of master’s you want to get isn’t just a question of subject, either. You also need to consider what you most value when choosing a degree program. Some people are looking for academic prestige, while others are more interested in saving money. If you have the flexibility, consider a residential or on-campus program, but if time is a little more tight, online might be the way to go.