Masters in Education Specializations

Masters degrees in education help teachers and administrators keep their certifications up-to-date or climb the pay scale. They can also help individuals with majors other than education become certified to teach. Teachers, administrators, and other individuals who want to earn a Masters in Education may have difficulty choosing a specialization. There are a wide range of subjects possible, sometimes making it a challenge to pick one. Below is an outline of some popular options for masters programs within the field of education.

Subject-based options

One option for individuals wanting to earn a masters degree in education is to specialize in the subject that they teach, or are interested in teaching. This is a good option for people who have previously taught in secondary schools but are interested in teaching community college courses as well. In addition to teaching, specializing in a particular subject for a masters degree is also useful for people interested in helping develop educational curriculum or writing standardized tests or other material.

Educational Leadership

Masters programs in education that focus on leadership area good option for administrators, or for teachers interested in becoming administrators at some point in their career. Career paths that educational leadership masters programs may lead to are principal or superintendent positions. Educational Leadership masters degrees can also make teaching candidates more marketable when looking for jobs within school districts, as it could qualify them to work as a lead teacher.

English as a Second Language, or English for Language Learners

Masters degrees in ESL or ELL are very useful for educators teaching in the United States, or interested in teaching abroad. Many schools in the U.S. have a very large percentage of language learners, so specializing in teaching language learners is very practical. Individuals interested in working in inner-city and urban districts will find this specialization to be very marketable and useful.


Completing a masters in education program with a focus on literacy is another very marketable and practical option for individuals. Literacy has been closely tied with school success, so educators who are knowledgeable in the field are seen as great assets to schools. Another name for a specialization in literacy is reading education.

Special Education

Individuals who choose a special education emphasis for their masters in education degree will find many opportunities to use it in schools or programs. Even teachers who are not interested in teaching special education alone will find that the principles of inclusion and teaching students with various disabilities will be useful and applicable in the general education classroom as well.

Making a Decision

Choosing what to specialize in when earning a masters degree in education can feel like a daunting task. Individuals should make sure to research the various programs a particular university offers before selecting one. While generally most of the options are similar regardless of location, some specialty options vary between different institutions. It is also a wise idea for individuals to consult with their supervisors or the head of school districts in their area to find out current needs to have a better chance at finding employment or having opportunities for promotion. With a wide range of options for specialization, individuals should be able to find a program that meets their needs and interests.

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