What Can You Do With a Master’s in Education?

If you are the type of person who is passionate about education and who already has a Bachelor’s degree in some program of study, then you might want to consider the option of going for a Master’s degree in Education. Of course, before making any kind of serious decision, such as which higher education program you would like to pursue, it is always a good idea to know exactly what kinds of career paths you can get into with a Master’s in Education. Luckily, your options will be wide-ranging, meaning that you will have a lot of different opportunities and paths available to you to pursue, depending on what your specific interests are.

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First of all, there is a general myth out there that people who study education can only end up being teachers. However, this could not be further from the truth. There are various other positions that someone with their Master’s in Education can get into.

For example, once you obtain your degree, you can be qualified to work as a counselor in a variety of academic settings and at many different levels. In doing this, you can work directly with students to help mediate problems, help them through difficult times, and assist them with specific concerns that they may have. This is an ideal field for those who are interested in helping students, rather than specifically teaching a subject.

Aside from counseling, someone with their Master’s in Education may also end up working in school administration. Most schools and educational institutions have their own administration boards with a variety of positions that need to be filled. These administrators work to represent the people of the school or parents of students who attend the school to work in their best interests. In addition, they also serve as a liaison between other government institutions that many schools deal with on a regular basis.

For those who are more inclined to help students with special learning disabilities, then a Master’s degree in Education can help them to prepare for just that. Many people with this degree move on to work as special education teachers and facilitators and learn to work with students with a variety of disabilities and learning constraints to help them learn in a way that works for them. This is a good field to get into for those who want to help others and who have a lot of patience.

And of course, those with a Master’s Degree in Education always have the option to teach. Still, it is important to keep in mind that many states require a separate certification to teach at the K-12 level, and many Master’s programs do not offer that certification as a part of their studies. Therefore, this may need to be obtained aside from the degree.

Overall, getting a Master’s in Education is a great career step for anyone who values the art of teaching, learning, or running an educational institution. What’s more, job prospects for those with a Master’s in Education continue to be very good.

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