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While Oregon Trail or projectors might have been the most high-tech part of many classrooms back in the day, education has quickly bridged the gap to the cutting edge. Today’s educators collaborate on a variety of platforms, including curriculum exchanges, blogs, podcasts, and social media. Here at Top Masters in Education we pride ourselves in providing the most useful educational resources. Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, an administrator, or a specialist, here are the top 50 education blogs to keep your eyes on in 2014.

Educational Policy

  • Eduwonk: A leading source of education policy news and analysis written by Andrew J. Rotherham.
  • Diane Ravitch’s Blog: A policy blog by Diane Ravitch, policy analyst, research professor and previous Assistant Secretary of Education.
  • Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day: This aggregator often focuses on educational policy, updated regularly.
  • Educational Policy Blog: Created by the Forum on the Future of Public Education, this blog debates everything, from school lunches to academic standards.

Elementary Education

  • The 1:1 Educator: This elementary education blog is written from the perspective of a 1 on 1 third grade teacher.
  • Steve Spangler’s Blog: Steve Spangler is an engaging elementary science teacher turned keynote speaker. Check out his Youtube series called the Spangler Effect.
  • Two Writing Teachers: This blog is presented by two elementary school literacy specialists with an eye towards teaching writing and celebrating literacy.

Middle School Education

  • The Jose Vilson: Entertaining posts from this public speaker, middle school teacher, author, and activist.
  • ScienceFix: This middle school science blog is maintained by Darren Fix, and features great video and lesson demonstrations.

High School Education

  • High School Notes: This USNews blog has great articles about the latest policy debates, tips, and ideas for parents, teachers, and administrators.
  • Science Education on the Edge: Chris Ludwig, a high school science teacher, focuses on assesments, science, and education technology in this blog.
  • dy/dan: Dan Meyer, a high school math teacher maintains this blog chock full with inventive math curriculum ideas.

Higher Education

  • The Chronicle of Higher Education: One of the most widely subscribed to print publications on higher education. Features daily news, job listings, and reports on diversity, the academic workplace, and learning.
  • Inside Higher Ed: One of the highest quality blogs on higher education, reform, technology, and diversity.
  • Faculty Focus: One of the most popular blogs on teaching strategies and professional development in higher education.


  • TeachThought: Technology, learning, and neuroscience are all prevalent on this blog.
  • The Blue Skunk Blog: Doug Johnson, a director of Libraries and Technology at a district level and author of several books maintains this blog, with an emphasis on media and technology in classrooms and libraries.
  • Cathy Jo Nelson’s Professional Thoughts: A blog for teachers and library media specialists seeking to integrate technology in the name of increasing student engagement.

Special Education

  • Bilingual Special Ed: Support for all students through evidence based practices, with a focus onto transforming schools to be inclusive.
  • Reality 101: The council for exceptional children’s blog for new special education teachers.
  • SpEd Change: This blog looks at opportunities and challanges that exceptional learners and their teachers face.
  • The Wrightslaw Way: A look at the legal side of special education and special ed advocacy.
  • My Special Needs Network: A variety of contributors add to this general purpose special education blog.

English as Second Language

  • ESL Library: A site chock full of lesson plans, flashcards, and discussions of ESL classrooms.
  • Fun to Teach ESL: This blog for ESL and ELD teachers, with tons of resources and a well curated Pinterest page.
  • Advocate Latino: This blog features discussions on how to engage Latino parents, and communicate in communities that don’t speak English.


  • Connected Principals: This blog feautures a variety of school administrators as contributors, sharing wisdom, offering commentary, and detailing best practices for school administration.
  • The Principals’ Office: The blog of the national association of elementary school principles.
  • Educational Leadership in the 21st Century: This blog by Principal Greg Miller focuses on technology and transformational leadership in schools.
  • Michael Smith’s Principals Page: A blog about school administration often told through personal, engaging anecdotes


  • Homeschoolers Anonymous: A compendium of experiences and commentary by homeschool alumni detailing the good, bad, ugly, and helpful in homeschooling.
  • Handbook of Nature Study: This home of the “outdoor hour challenge” features ideas on how to teach your children in nature.
  • Real Life at Home: This blog focuses on the whole package of having kids at home, including family life, religion, homeschooling, and home management.
  • 1+1+1=1: This blog features discussion of homeschooling for a number of ages, discussions on faith, printables, and Montessori style education.


  • EdSurge: This blog is at the cutting edge of edtech discussions. It also includes the edtech index, a community-driven database of edtech products.
  • Two Guys and Some Ipads:This blog is maintained by two keynote speakers on edTech, discusses the role of augmented reality in education.
  • User Generated Education: This highly articulate blog focuses on disrupting education and technology with an eye for educational reform.
  • Emerging EdTech: This edtech blog focuses on engaging students and enhancing learning outcomes with internet and instructional technology.
  • Creating LifeLong Learners: This 5th grade teacher’s blog focuses on technology advice and discussions of how to close the digital divide.
  • Elearning Industry: Tons of information on mobile, web-based, and learning through technology.
  • Kleinspiration: An Edutech blog on integrating technology into the traditional classroom.
  • teachbytes:A blog focusing on technology resources for teachers online.
  • Free Technology For Teachers:A blog by Richard Byrne highlighting free technology for teachers.
  • 21st Century Educational Technology and Learning:This blog focuses on the intersection of changing technology and teaching standards.
  • MindShift:This blog looks at learning through games, media, and big ideas that are changing education.
  • Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Primarily a regularly updated cmopendium of online and app-based teaching tools.
  • EdTechSandyK:A blog that explores the role of technology in education.
  • EduTEchGeek: This blog by Ron Houtman errs on the side of the biger picture in technology, meanwhile grounding his discussion in an educator’s terms.
  • Rafranz Davis: This blog from the point of view of a tech specialist, has sections on self development, online tools, and teaching strategies.