Why become a teacher? Teaching has long been recognized as a noble profession, but recent economic changes have driven many would-be educators to abandon their dreams of teaching. Despite economic uncertainty, however, there are still many great reasons to become a teacher.

1. Educate

Becoming a teacher gives you the opportunity to provide a quality education to the rising generation. This prepares children and teens for a life of success. After all, knowledge is power. Even more important than an education of facts is an education of passion. Great teachers understand that their most important role is to ignite in their students a love of learning. Teachers who truly educate on this basis are the professionals that the education system desperately needs for the future.

2. Mentor

Educators interact with youth from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some students come from strong, safe homes. Other students come to school for refuge from the everyday challenges of poverty, abuse, and other family problems. There is perhaps no greater calling in life than to care for children who have no role model. Mentoring youth and giving them confidence that they can succeed is extremely rewarding.

3. Job Security

In this economy, no one wants to risk entering an industry that lacks jobs. The education industry is a relatively safe zone in this regard. According to Campus Explorer, the teaching profession is currently number one for job security.

4. Lifestyle

Many teachers are parents, including many mothers who have young children. Teaching is a convenient profession because it allows you to work during the day, generally when your own children are at school. You can spend afternoons and evenings with your kids because grading and lesson planning can be accomplished from the comfort of your own home. Most teachers also get summer vacations. Even year-round teachers usually get periodic breaks throughout the year. This gives you time to pursue hobbies, spend time with your family, go on trips, and even do extra seasonal or part-time work on the side.

5. Benefits Package

Most teachers have an excellent benefits package that includes health and dental insurance in addition to sick pay. Many professionals neglect to consider the value of a benefits package in tandem with the salary. In the education industry, however, benefits help compensate for complaints of low pay.

6. Wellness

According to a recent Gallup poll, teachers rank second in terms of wellbeing. Teachers overwhelmingly report smiling and laughing on the job. After all, children are fun, spontaneous, and insightful. Teachers also have plenty of time to interact with each other, providing an unbeatable system of support.

7. Flexibility

Although most teachers work in the public sector, some educators also teach in private schools or pursue tutoring opportunities. Private schools provide greater flexibility to teach according to a particular worldview or values system. Private tutors can work freelance and often make great hourly wages.